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EasyLoad™ Vinyl Pockets
Increase your check totals, by helping you promoting more products quickly.
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EasyLoad™ Vinyl Pockets


These durable vinyl pockets make expanding your product offerings easy. Adding additional pockets is simply two snaps away. Use 2, 4, 6, 8 or even 20
vinyl pockets per table tents.

Simply string your vinyl pockets onto your metal rings and snap them closed around the crossbar of your table tents. Now here is the best part, you can change y our 4" x 6" insert cards at a moments notice without ever having to unsnap your rings again.

Our EasyLoad‘“ Vinyl Pockets are interchangeable with our Studded Rustic table tents, Classic table tents, Timeless table tents, and Rustic table tents.

  • Sold 25 vinyl pockets per pack


$12.89 per pack
# of Packs Needed
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